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About Us

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World News International (WNI) Ltd. was founded in 1982 in London, UK, by a visionary graduate as being the first promoter of "citizen journalism", where people from all over the world were encouraged to send in their photos and videos to be further distributed to the medias against a provisional commission. Since there was no internet at the time, thousands of leaflets were printed and mailed by post all over the world to potential volunteers and affiliates. 

But there were other ways to make money by becoming an affiliated journalist of WNI through it's unique network, and it's membership card also provided yet many more benefits to it's holders. WNI Ltd. was founded at Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JL, which later became Rivington Street. Apart from the registered address, the actual "kitchen" was at the Southbank, near Waterloo Road, in a perfectly suited and very fitting business center. 

Then, due to unrelated circumstances, (and not the least because the location was demolished), the operations of WNI were halted and literally put the sleep indefinitely, even if there was a brief attempt to revive it in 1991 in some other country, lasting about 2-3 years. Due to local bureaucracy there, there was yet another break in operations. This was also due to being far too many copycat undertakings in the USA and elsewhere, which diluted the original spirit of citizen journalism, reducing it down to selling useless press cards only. 

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Even the world famous SIPA Press in Paris, France, became practically a stock photo agency and was later sold to a much bigger agency before it's founder passed away. Despite all of these developments, here it is once more, WNI, World News International in a new format and as an internet only press agency, enjoying it's own revival after so many years of ups and downs. 

Now, besides current news from all around the world, WNI will be focused mainly in design, innovation and trade/trade fairs, with the aim of expanding globally with volunteers from all walks of life, who have an idea, a word to say or an image or two to share. Simul ut tendamus ad astra!

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